Wednesday, November 11, 2009

clip clop

* Never slap a man who's chewing tobacco.
* Always drink upstream from the herd.
* There's two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither one works.
* Never miss a good chance to shut up.
* We can't all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.
* Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.
* If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
* I never expected to see the day when girls would get sunburned in the places they now do.
* The best way out of a difficulty is through it.
* There are three kinds of men: The ones that learn by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence.
* What the country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds.
* Diplomacy is the art of saying "Nice doggie" until you can find a rock.
* An onion can make people cry but there's never been a vegetable that can make people laugh.
* If you're riding' ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it's still there.
* Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier'n puttin' it back.

Monday, October 26, 2009


last night i had a very very startling conversation with a 17 year old claiming to be a horse trainer... who claims to have been the one who started my stud horse shorty. when i picked him up he was maybe 12 hands and half starved... barely ready for me to start. he knew nothing. would not yeild to leg pressure would not take the bit and had no idea what a saddle was. the woman who had him before... angela said she had not even started him and had only taken him to barrel competitions and tied him to the trailer....

so this girl said she started him..... wow... so what i did was absolute crap really...
i didnt have him spinning i didnt have him sliding i didnt have him doing anything... it was all a 17 year old girl...... NOTE THE SARCASM.....

ok im done bitching gitta go

Friday, October 9, 2009

chasing cows!!!!

so the team penning season starts again soon! and miss diamond has not been around cows. tonight i will ride her in the pasture around the reds and see what she is going to do. it could go one of two ways... into the cows, or me on the ground. Now because if certain things that have been going on health wise i would rather stay in the saddle. if i end up on the ground at least it is soft enough i would not get too hurt.

Her owner wants her to pen, thats the glory of it... so in training her i am teaching her a discipline... thus no longer making her a green horse... thats the glory!! she really is a neat horse. all be it... a not so smart one... but a nice all around horse. perfect for bonnie... at times she reminds me of Vanna white... thats what i cal her at the barn... vanna hahah... she turns into a rail horse when i work her and i can quite litterally run her into a wall... she just shuts down... she hates arena work... but is a great trail horse!

Ruby ruby ruby... she murdered the hitching post..... there were no signs posted that said... "DO NOT TIE HORSES TO POST... UNSTABLE....." and instead of trusting my instincts.. i saw the self proclaimed 17 year old horse training wonder, who by the way bruised a mare on the chest... how do you do that? i watched her tie her moms horse and her two year old to it and they were fine... but they were not my skitish little filly Ruby. she pulled back on the post and the whole top pole came flying at her like a 100 mile and hour fast ball... rediculous if you ask me, ONLY because it took me out at the shins.... i flew hahah, swept my legs right out from under me...
nothing serious... just quite comical... due to the fact ruby had the pole tied to her face and her ass planted against the hot wire.. which luckily isnt working very well in that spot... couldnt have been above a 2 because she only flinched when it touched her...
ruby thinks everything is going to eat her. the last trainer who had her must have went at her like a flying mass of yellow jackets... the whip is going to get her.. the cross ties... the brushes.. and last of all the farrier... that will be a fun one... her previous owner... who owns diamond says she is out to get all who proclaim themselves farriers... oops... i dont think darren will like getting his as bitten... we will see what i can do with her

i am feeling much better! my neck still bothers me... but the doc said it will take time to heal... dammit... the one thing i lack the the personal department is patience... when its about me it needs to happen now!!

im out of here like a bad hairdo... cheezy i know...
but its all i got!

peace out homeys!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

blood clots and strokes

so what i thought was a mild muscle strain ended up being a small anuerism and a clot with a torn vertebral artery. wow... thats a mouth full. so im out for at least another week, maybe two. I have no pay coming in, no income whatsoever.... yuck.
i have not been able to ride diamond... i think she is getting flabby.. and ruby has a pot belly from hell im working on....

ruby does join up ok in the round pen, but she is afraid and i dont blame her at all...

ok im off to see why my child wont sleep...

peace out homeys

Saturday, September 26, 2009


this is Ruby and my fantastic roomate flie holding her while i take pics.... i know they suck... but im kinda high on flexorol... and its hard to focus... when my back feels better i will get more pics....

now the fun begins!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

damn Im a good trainer

RUBY IS HERE!! i will be posting picks of her tomorrow if i feel like i can get off the couch.....SHE IS FRIGGIN CUTE!!
so i have severe cerebral spasms and strain.... aka the muscle that actually house my spine are sqeezing the shit out of my spine...... OWWWWWWW

on the flip side bonnie came and road her girl today...

and all i have to say is Damn im a good trainer!

she did wonderfully...

i will let the pictures tell it all!!

happy friday... im going to go live in flexirol land, mixed with a little hydrocodone... wooooooooowowowowowowooooo

bravo neck you win

So i have been fighting extreme neck pain since monday. I have taken or attempted to take everything i possibly could have. every over the counter medication, every hot pack, cold pack, pain patch. NOTHING WORKS AT ALL!!!
did i mention i have only slept maybe 5 hours since monday???????????? no joke ive been surfing the net most of the nights since then or watching tv.... i may be going insane!

im frustrated. I cant ride because it hurts, when i do i want to cry. Every tiny movement kills me. I cant lift, i cant pull. Im worried about a bulged disc. That is the last thing i need to deal with right now.
I will have ruby to train, and diamond to finish and whatever else comes my way from work.
i just can deal with this right now.
so i will go to the docs before work. i will have them look at me, and if i can i will go to work.
hopefully they tell me whats wrong so that I am not in pain any longer!

ruby will be here in a couple of hours and in my hands will be her registration papers! my horse, again finally. After the loss of shorty i didnt want another horse, but i cant stay away from them. Im not me without them.

ALISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she will be here and as long as my neck holds out i will get to hang out with her and kati!!

happy friday all......

Thursday, September 24, 2009

my child ate a spider!

thursdays are a freakin anomoly! they suck because they are a tease for fridays..... especially the thursdays before payday....
so my son decided he was going to eat a spider yesterday, or so i was told.... which gives me the creeps... ewww
my neck hurts.... im not sure what i did, if i did anything really..

but on the flip side i finally get to see alise! and no im not going to pass on seeing her because my boyfriend flips out about me going out.


ruby will be here tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im excited, can you tell?

Friday, September 18, 2009


Today is friday. I have come to the conculusion that i would love to team pen with eb and kati this winter... if only i could find pennings on the weekends, that would be sweet!!

diamond needs to... then ruby definately!

finiances are extremely tight right now.... literally no money left over for anything at all... not even enough to breath really... its my fault though for missing work to be with beau...

it will get better soon!

on the flip side, ruby will be here next week!

training wise, I was told to try something with the mare that refused to collect. To lay a rope tied from one ring on the saddle across her hocks tied to the other ring on the saddle... for some darn reason it pushed her right into collection! it was a miracle!!

who would have thought something so simple would do the trick??

this is a pick of my first horse.... after my parents sold him on me....

laceys little dude

to this day i cant figure out how i trained him so well, anyone can ride him and he is quite the pocket horse.... just one of my many great achievements really!

Here is my horse skip n driftwood: NOTE i sold him for 800 dollars did all the work on him and the person in california who owns him is claiming all of his training....
BIOTCH.... (i kept it kosher for the pg readers)
and finally here is disco.... in his younger days

anywho... its friday.. im going to the ducks game tomorrow...

cleaning my garage on sunday.... then preparing for my filly to be here next friday or saturday!!

you all have a great weekend.... and i am off to deliver my child to his grandmas house for some grandma time!

peace out homies!!


Friday, September 11, 2009

my paycheck is late!!

SO i was supposed to pick my check up a little after 11, but it never showed up. which means i will have no money until i can cash it!

shit balls!!

my board is due today, i know lynn will understand, but i planned my whole day around paying my bills and now i am sitting here on the computer with no board paid! hahahahah... that is truly my luck.

so a little about ruby...
her name is hush rubys drum, she is a three year old homizygous tobian filly.

she will be here on the 25th, and i am very very excited, but she is a very high maintenance filly!

because of an old farrier, she hates all farriers! she wants to eat them... and its almost understandable... except she cant do that!! darren would stop shoeing for me in that case!


i want to use her for reining and cutting... if she can slide that is.... we shall see.
either way i have my hands full!

my son is feeling better!

and im still on the hunt for the perfect saddle!

everyone have a great weekend!

the word of the day is wafting!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

aparently it a cold day in hell somwhere

so sunday the mare im training got cast in the stall, got cut up really bad on her face and leg and her leg is swollen like a softball from the knee down.


seriously?! if something happened to someones horse at my facility i would call them.I WOULD CALL THEM!

now im a week behind, which is ok because diamond is staying all winter. but still, it makes me angry no one called me!


i fighting with my significant other about stupid things, or should i say he is picking fights with me..

my son is sick and he just woke up...

later all

Monday, August 24, 2009


Im back!!!!!!!

did i mention that i am in love with every last person in the schmunk family? THEY SAVED MY LIFE!!!!

the durango we bought today apparently decided that after i bought it the breaks in the front would fall apart!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! it seriously is my luck really!

its pretty its green and its a v8 that can pull horses.

now it has brand new shiny front breaks

brandon you rock!! and i love your mommy!

on the flip side i took princess diamond on her first trail ride ever, she did spectacular!!!!!!! i even got her into the water up to her belly! thats rockin in my opinon!!

and for a last note... brandon... my child does cry... i put him down for a nap and he has been crying for an hour now.... cranky cranky

and im off to eat hangabur helper!!

peace out homeys

Thursday, August 6, 2009

ignition modules and peach pie

so my truck broke down. i simply replaced the coil and cap and rotor, nothing. so now im supposed to replace the ignition module... in the distributor itself... goodtimes... this doesnt work im giving it back and buying something else.

the mare is sooooo doing great! she moves off of leg pressure magnificently, she is almost neck reining, she is definately bakcing up, she stops with a "whoa"

she is wonderful! her mom will be very happy to have her back.

not just that but i put her owner on her and she did wonderful!
she is afraid of horses, but that is a whole other blog...


at the rate im going ruby will be here next month! IM SOOOOO EXCITED!!
but she had the shit beat out of her with the last trainer so it will be awesome to fix... ugh..

peace out homeys

Monday, August 3, 2009

burrr i mean beer

aaaaaaaaaahahahaha so i stoped by kati's house yesterday... randomly, i didnt even know if she was home, but hey, i was there so i did. I realized how much i missed hanging out with her sarcastic ass! haha

then we got some icecream, then we went to brandons house... we looked at pictures... i listened to brandons way out there sense of humor! haha funny shit and he kept trying to give me dead lillies! hmmmmmmmmm dead flowers silly


so my new horse in training is here... i shall start her and see what she knows, i think she will be really easy to work with.

the only other exciting thing ive done today is nothing so im out of here... i will post after i train

Friday, July 31, 2009

i love katis feets

this is my new horse..... click on the link or copy and paste it...

ok so kati feels as though i called her feet weird.. not really... i said her big toe looked different but it was because she broke it ( i think) so brandon did not comment back.... haha

instead he TATTLED on me! ive already introduced kati to a man who is in LOVE with her feet...

ray the foot fettish guy hahahahahahhahahahahahaha

oh uh hem... haha did i laugh out loud? sorry kati i still love you!

the horse pictured above by my title is named Bailey... she just so happens to have been the sweetest little mare i ever had the chance of knowing. Kati was told she would never to anything again. she either broke her shoulder or messed her back up, but due to some strange reason (the horse cant speak a lick of english) we will never really know what happened to her.

one day she was fine, the next day she was dragging her right foreleg! ouch!

im SUPER excited for kati to ride her again.. because the vet said she never would.. it would be a feet of superhuman abilities.... ok maybe not but it sure would rock....

so less than 24 hours until the mare in training is here then its count down to my filly being here!! pretty much back to back horses in training.... its great... i wouldnt have it any other way

on a cuter note: my son said i love you! haha concidering he is bearly 8 months old... and he yells and laughs to communicate (much like myself really) its amazing to see! i never thought I would enjoy being a mom! its been tough, but each milestone makes me smile.... to see this little person who grew inside of me?!?!?! it feels the best! and now i can feed him wierd foods to watch him make faces!

ok everyone... well i guess my two followers... happy friday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


i am hungry right now. i sit hit thinking about how my car seat is in the car so i cant go anywhere and i am sooooooo hungry.

I got the job for albertina kerr..... EXCITED!

my mare in trainin will be here this weekend and she has starded telling her horsey friends about me, namely a couple that need touch ups or breaking... those things are sooooo easy! ha!

its really funny how things just fall together.... no I just wish we could all get together and ride again... (meaning you kati)

my child is being a shit today... like always.... did i mention i have two weeks to get packed before we move?! aaaaah.... so hard to do with a baby!

at least having a job to buy horsey things.... I WILL NOT BE GETTING RID OF THIS HORSE.

i will have her forever (barring nothing happens to my family)

happy thursday....

its cooler outside!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

color color color!!

this week is a good week... im off to hopefully my last and final job interview with alberta kerr... man i could use the money.

we will be moving around the 15th and that is rockin! a three bedroom house with my friend felicia and her husband cole their dog and cat.

im taking on a new horse in training... a 7 year old palomino paint named intentionally foxy.. she is a neat horse, and in exchange i am being given her 3 year old daughter hush rubys drum.. a try colored homizygous paint!

i have cramps because of a bladder infection... that blows... but hey it could be worse!

nothing can bring me down today!

Friday, July 24, 2009


I sit here reading blogs from people about thier horses and it makes me miss shorty terribly. I wish i never would have had to get rid of him. he was doing so well. I had him in his training to the point where i could have put anyone on him and he was doing spectacular! walk trot canter spin slide, everything. but i could keep him. it wouldnt have been fair to him.

now he is gone forever. I can never see him again. i can never smell his smell or kiss his face, (he loved kisses)

i feel as though ive failed.

i know that the year that i had him was the best year of his life. But it still hurts to think that it was the only good year of his life.

How can people put horses through what he had gone through?

is very dissapointing really.

he was covered in lice and underweight when i got him and i made him spectacular.

again now he is gone.

RIP buddy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

j*sus H mother EFFIN ChR!st

I am havin a week from hell. Actually if you want to get really strait down to the point its been the year from hell. I have had nothing but bad things happen to me. I had to give my horse away who promptly turned around and colicked and died. FU*KING SUPERB. my boyfriend and i do nothing but fight because he WONT GROW THE FUCK UP. i got laid off. wich seriously is the worst thing this year. I have no freedome no money and i cant get a job anywhere. it blows really.

Normally i am a severely happy person. but ever since i quit drinking I SUCK. im no fun i hate my life and i want to move far far away.

I gave my boyfriend one week to fix his shit or i am gone. no joke. im sooooooo tired of being the only one who cleans the house does the laundry feeds the kid does the dishes.... really the only person who does anything. Now i know what my parents were going when i was a teenager.

I hate my life. i want beer i want to go fishing. i want a solid weekend away from everything.

who wants to take me?

Monday, June 29, 2009


MONDAYS. uuuugh. so im getting over what I thought was Pneumonia. now I have a head cold aaaaaaaahahahahhaha.

my child is sick with me today.. he will survive however this is how cute he is now....

Quite the little ham!! cant tell he is related to me or his father at all!!

this will be my first 4th of july as a mother. weird because i never thought i would ever raise a child. i never really wanted to. I wanted horses and dogs... not screaming babies without horses... just wasnt in my game plan.

so im off to find food.. starving i am.....

peace out

Thursday, June 18, 2009

oobalee boobalee

East indians... hmmmmmm.... i dont think anyone can understand them. why when i buy an american item IE: router for computer: do i get a camel jocky on the phone to help me with my needs???? I CANT UNDERSTAND AN EFFING THING THEY SAY.

This is my conversation one hour ago:

camel jockey: tank yoo fore calling bla bla bla my name is bla bla bla. vat cun ey hulp you vith.

me: WHAT?

camel jockey: "same as above"

me: i dont understand i just want my router hooked up...

camel jockey: "says something else i can understand"

this goes on for 20 minutes while i am almost crying in frustration. I feel like slitting my throat and sucking down some rusty nails while im at it. I go through this for about ten more minutes because i think mobacataclaca nacodoodle just wants to hear my sweet charming voice when low and behold i realize not only is my computer hooked up the right way... im on the internet! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

my new pet peeve is homeless people with starving pets... BASTARDS..... why do you have an animal when you cant even afford to wipe your own ass??
girls night anyone??? soon i hope..
catch you on the flipside homeys

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bla bla bla

Today i am frustrated. I think ive reached the point of my sanity. This claiming unemployment thing is stupid and extremely frustrating. While i enjoy my time off, i wish it would be easier to do things, like if my car were registered i could drive it, but instead it sits in my garage with no tags and no battery.

on a less negative note my friend kacy had her baby 8 weeks early yesterday! i want to meet him but he is in the NICU. So i will go see him tomorrow..... just like mo mo he decided to jump the border early hahahahahahaha... just a funny joke between friends.

my son crawled to "crawls" yesterday! I AM SOOOO EXCITED! except that makes him one step closer to getting into everything.

one thing i would like to bitch about is the fact i was offered a horse. I cant take care of him right now but he is awesome. gerrrrrrrrrrrr not ment to be but i wish it would have happend a while ago.

in the mean time i hope that this week goes smoother than last week does....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hmmmmmm wednesday

I havnt blogged in a long time. Lots has happened....

lets see.... first my spawn of satan was born on december 10th, 2008... and he is nothing short of the happiest little shit ever.... Mr beau daniel wilkinson....
second my stud horse shorty passed away two weeks ago due to complications from colic....
and third i got laid off from my freakin job?!?! great huh? so for three brain scrambling days i have tried to be a stay at home mom.... IM JUST TOO RESTLESS FOR THIS SHIT!
any way.... i have a potential interview tomorrow I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE....
we will see....
on the flip side im off to go find some grub.... maybe alise will come to this side of the mountain early?!?!
later guys