Saturday, September 26, 2009


this is Ruby and my fantastic roomate flie holding her while i take pics.... i know they suck... but im kinda high on flexorol... and its hard to focus... when my back feels better i will get more pics....

now the fun begins!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

damn Im a good trainer

RUBY IS HERE!! i will be posting picks of her tomorrow if i feel like i can get off the couch.....SHE IS FRIGGIN CUTE!!
so i have severe cerebral spasms and strain.... aka the muscle that actually house my spine are sqeezing the shit out of my spine...... OWWWWWWW

on the flip side bonnie came and road her girl today...

and all i have to say is Damn im a good trainer!

she did wonderfully...

i will let the pictures tell it all!!

happy friday... im going to go live in flexirol land, mixed with a little hydrocodone... wooooooooowowowowowowooooo

bravo neck you win

So i have been fighting extreme neck pain since monday. I have taken or attempted to take everything i possibly could have. every over the counter medication, every hot pack, cold pack, pain patch. NOTHING WORKS AT ALL!!!
did i mention i have only slept maybe 5 hours since monday???????????? no joke ive been surfing the net most of the nights since then or watching tv.... i may be going insane!

im frustrated. I cant ride because it hurts, when i do i want to cry. Every tiny movement kills me. I cant lift, i cant pull. Im worried about a bulged disc. That is the last thing i need to deal with right now.
I will have ruby to train, and diamond to finish and whatever else comes my way from work.
i just can deal with this right now.
so i will go to the docs before work. i will have them look at me, and if i can i will go to work.
hopefully they tell me whats wrong so that I am not in pain any longer!

ruby will be here in a couple of hours and in my hands will be her registration papers! my horse, again finally. After the loss of shorty i didnt want another horse, but i cant stay away from them. Im not me without them.

ALISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she will be here and as long as my neck holds out i will get to hang out with her and kati!!

happy friday all......

Thursday, September 24, 2009

my child ate a spider!

thursdays are a freakin anomoly! they suck because they are a tease for fridays..... especially the thursdays before payday....
so my son decided he was going to eat a spider yesterday, or so i was told.... which gives me the creeps... ewww
my neck hurts.... im not sure what i did, if i did anything really..

but on the flip side i finally get to see alise! and no im not going to pass on seeing her because my boyfriend flips out about me going out.


ruby will be here tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im excited, can you tell?

Friday, September 18, 2009


Today is friday. I have come to the conculusion that i would love to team pen with eb and kati this winter... if only i could find pennings on the weekends, that would be sweet!!

diamond needs to... then ruby definately!

finiances are extremely tight right now.... literally no money left over for anything at all... not even enough to breath really... its my fault though for missing work to be with beau...

it will get better soon!

on the flip side, ruby will be here next week!

training wise, I was told to try something with the mare that refused to collect. To lay a rope tied from one ring on the saddle across her hocks tied to the other ring on the saddle... for some darn reason it pushed her right into collection! it was a miracle!!

who would have thought something so simple would do the trick??

this is a pick of my first horse.... after my parents sold him on me....

laceys little dude

to this day i cant figure out how i trained him so well, anyone can ride him and he is quite the pocket horse.... just one of my many great achievements really!

Here is my horse skip n driftwood: NOTE i sold him for 800 dollars did all the work on him and the person in california who owns him is claiming all of his training....
BIOTCH.... (i kept it kosher for the pg readers)
and finally here is disco.... in his younger days

anywho... its friday.. im going to the ducks game tomorrow...

cleaning my garage on sunday.... then preparing for my filly to be here next friday or saturday!!

you all have a great weekend.... and i am off to deliver my child to his grandmas house for some grandma time!

peace out homies!!


Friday, September 11, 2009

my paycheck is late!!

SO i was supposed to pick my check up a little after 11, but it never showed up. which means i will have no money until i can cash it!

shit balls!!

my board is due today, i know lynn will understand, but i planned my whole day around paying my bills and now i am sitting here on the computer with no board paid! hahahahah... that is truly my luck.

so a little about ruby...
her name is hush rubys drum, she is a three year old homizygous tobian filly.

she will be here on the 25th, and i am very very excited, but she is a very high maintenance filly!

because of an old farrier, she hates all farriers! she wants to eat them... and its almost understandable... except she cant do that!! darren would stop shoeing for me in that case!


i want to use her for reining and cutting... if she can slide that is.... we shall see.
either way i have my hands full!

my son is feeling better!

and im still on the hunt for the perfect saddle!

everyone have a great weekend!

the word of the day is wafting!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

aparently it a cold day in hell somwhere

so sunday the mare im training got cast in the stall, got cut up really bad on her face and leg and her leg is swollen like a softball from the knee down.


seriously?! if something happened to someones horse at my facility i would call them.I WOULD CALL THEM!

now im a week behind, which is ok because diamond is staying all winter. but still, it makes me angry no one called me!


i fighting with my significant other about stupid things, or should i say he is picking fights with me..

my son is sick and he just woke up...

later all