Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tuesday on the farm

so today i finally got the phone call I have been waiting for... stress will go down... lives will be happier... I GOT THE JOB! so for those of you wondering... its a caregiving job for the state of Oregon. WOOOO.... is all i have to say!

things have changed here on our little 3 acre piece of property. Miss Zita had to be moved to a bar since her desire to attempt to throw me off in the pasture far outweight the benifits of having her home. She is now enjoying life in her 12x15 stall with daily turn out lol. She is fat and shiny and healthy as an ox! Now if i could just get her front end to catch up to her back end I will have an easier time riding a less downhill filly.

our little baby chickens are now big georgous hens that lay an egg a day! Our ducks i believe both ended up being males... its ok because we love them. They eat the snails.. and in the begining.. the tomatoes... lol...

Well im off to the barn to bug the horse face and make her do stuff she doesnt really want to do.

I hope you have a wonderful night!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

man oooooo man

thursday beautiful sunny thursday! where have you been my whole life? ok so yesterday was by far one of the funniest walmart incidents ever in my trekking with beau. He decided i needed to buy him a semi truck toy that seconds as a match box car carrier. he was IN LOVE! so i gave in... i mean why not? what could it hurt?? except my ankles and heals in the middle of the night!

we got up to the cash register and the girl asked him how he was and he responded with " my truck is totally bad ass!" SERIOUSLY??? wow i need to watch my mouth, but how can i be mad at that cuteness?

so far he told the ducks that they are going to taste good with rice and that i needed to shut up and listen to him. OOOOh to be 2 years old again lol.

anywho... zita... the little brat decided a few days ago she didnt want to be worked and kicked out and somehow my stupid self convinced my hand to fling itself up into the flying hooves of destruction and i got kicked in my index finger,(which still hurts,) and my thumb..... MAN O MAN was i angry.

so i worked her until she was dripping sweat and licking her chops like no other. Hopefully i have cured the kick at lacy incident to where it will never happen again.

i havent ridden her in 3 weeks... slacking i know...

so i will get on here tomorrow and blog yet again so you guys can be privy to my life lol!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

oh for the love of spring!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!!!!! spring is here! lets see how long this beautiful weather sticks around.

I have oh so neglected you guys! Alot has happened! spence and i are getting married in 68 days... can you believe that??? sheesh! zita is well started under saddle and going very well concidering she can be a little jerk lol. she does all the finer things under saddle from walk to trot to a very gangly out of controle bumpy ride of a lope hahaha, but hey, she does it!

we picked up a new pony... literally a pony that is on her way to being bred this next week to the crankiest little frustrated miny stud ever.. but they are going to make the sweetest little baby!!

tomorrow i get to put up hotwire to get the pony sectioned so she can graze! she will be happy, and I get to ride my darling zita... ok so maybe im going to work on trailer loading and see what happens... hopefully she will go in my trailer so i dont have to sell it once it is paid off.. ugh .. anywho... back to the daily grind! i will keep everyone posted!