Thursday, June 2, 2011

man oooooo man

thursday beautiful sunny thursday! where have you been my whole life? ok so yesterday was by far one of the funniest walmart incidents ever in my trekking with beau. He decided i needed to buy him a semi truck toy that seconds as a match box car carrier. he was IN LOVE! so i gave in... i mean why not? what could it hurt?? except my ankles and heals in the middle of the night!

we got up to the cash register and the girl asked him how he was and he responded with " my truck is totally bad ass!" SERIOUSLY??? wow i need to watch my mouth, but how can i be mad at that cuteness?

so far he told the ducks that they are going to taste good with rice and that i needed to shut up and listen to him. OOOOh to be 2 years old again lol.

anywho... zita... the little brat decided a few days ago she didnt want to be worked and kicked out and somehow my stupid self convinced my hand to fling itself up into the flying hooves of destruction and i got kicked in my index finger,(which still hurts,) and my thumb..... MAN O MAN was i angry.

so i worked her until she was dripping sweat and licking her chops like no other. Hopefully i have cured the kick at lacy incident to where it will never happen again.

i havent ridden her in 3 weeks... slacking i know...

so i will get on here tomorrow and blog yet again so you guys can be privy to my life lol!