Thursday, July 30, 2009


i am hungry right now. i sit hit thinking about how my car seat is in the car so i cant go anywhere and i am sooooooo hungry.

I got the job for albertina kerr..... EXCITED!

my mare in trainin will be here this weekend and she has starded telling her horsey friends about me, namely a couple that need touch ups or breaking... those things are sooooo easy! ha!

its really funny how things just fall together.... no I just wish we could all get together and ride again... (meaning you kati)

my child is being a shit today... like always.... did i mention i have two weeks to get packed before we move?! aaaaah.... so hard to do with a baby!

at least having a job to buy horsey things.... I WILL NOT BE GETTING RID OF THIS HORSE.

i will have her forever (barring nothing happens to my family)

happy thursday....

its cooler outside!

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KD said...

i know - lets do something - last night i got Bailey out and lunged her for the first time since her shoulder "incident" and all went well (except for that she's a shithead wild horse now and i had to beat her ass cause she tried to kick me) - so anywho, i'm planning on getting back on her sometime soon and it would be excellent if you were there! P.S. - thanks for telling Brando my feet are weird