Thursday, June 18, 2009

oobalee boobalee

East indians... hmmmmmm.... i dont think anyone can understand them. why when i buy an american item IE: router for computer: do i get a camel jocky on the phone to help me with my needs???? I CANT UNDERSTAND AN EFFING THING THEY SAY.

This is my conversation one hour ago:

camel jockey: tank yoo fore calling bla bla bla my name is bla bla bla. vat cun ey hulp you vith.

me: WHAT?

camel jockey: "same as above"

me: i dont understand i just want my router hooked up...

camel jockey: "says something else i can understand"

this goes on for 20 minutes while i am almost crying in frustration. I feel like slitting my throat and sucking down some rusty nails while im at it. I go through this for about ten more minutes because i think mobacataclaca nacodoodle just wants to hear my sweet charming voice when low and behold i realize not only is my computer hooked up the right way... im on the internet! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

my new pet peeve is homeless people with starving pets... BASTARDS..... why do you have an animal when you cant even afford to wipe your own ass??
girls night anyone??? soon i hope..
catch you on the flipside homeys

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Bug said...

I'm in on a girls nights this summer!