Friday, July 31, 2009

i love katis feets

this is my new horse..... click on the link or copy and paste it...

ok so kati feels as though i called her feet weird.. not really... i said her big toe looked different but it was because she broke it ( i think) so brandon did not comment back.... haha

instead he TATTLED on me! ive already introduced kati to a man who is in LOVE with her feet...

ray the foot fettish guy hahahahahahhahahahahahaha

oh uh hem... haha did i laugh out loud? sorry kati i still love you!

the horse pictured above by my title is named Bailey... she just so happens to have been the sweetest little mare i ever had the chance of knowing. Kati was told she would never to anything again. she either broke her shoulder or messed her back up, but due to some strange reason (the horse cant speak a lick of english) we will never really know what happened to her.

one day she was fine, the next day she was dragging her right foreleg! ouch!

im SUPER excited for kati to ride her again.. because the vet said she never would.. it would be a feet of superhuman abilities.... ok maybe not but it sure would rock....

so less than 24 hours until the mare in training is here then its count down to my filly being here!! pretty much back to back horses in training.... its great... i wouldnt have it any other way

on a cuter note: my son said i love you! haha concidering he is bearly 8 months old... and he yells and laughs to communicate (much like myself really) its amazing to see! i never thought I would enjoy being a mom! its been tough, but each milestone makes me smile.... to see this little person who grew inside of me?!?!?! it feels the best! and now i can feed him wierd foods to watch him make faces!

ok everyone... well i guess my two followers... happy friday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


i am hungry right now. i sit hit thinking about how my car seat is in the car so i cant go anywhere and i am sooooooo hungry.

I got the job for albertina kerr..... EXCITED!

my mare in trainin will be here this weekend and she has starded telling her horsey friends about me, namely a couple that need touch ups or breaking... those things are sooooo easy! ha!

its really funny how things just fall together.... no I just wish we could all get together and ride again... (meaning you kati)

my child is being a shit today... like always.... did i mention i have two weeks to get packed before we move?! aaaaah.... so hard to do with a baby!

at least having a job to buy horsey things.... I WILL NOT BE GETTING RID OF THIS HORSE.

i will have her forever (barring nothing happens to my family)

happy thursday....

its cooler outside!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

color color color!!

this week is a good week... im off to hopefully my last and final job interview with alberta kerr... man i could use the money.

we will be moving around the 15th and that is rockin! a three bedroom house with my friend felicia and her husband cole their dog and cat.

im taking on a new horse in training... a 7 year old palomino paint named intentionally foxy.. she is a neat horse, and in exchange i am being given her 3 year old daughter hush rubys drum.. a try colored homizygous paint!

i have cramps because of a bladder infection... that blows... but hey it could be worse!

nothing can bring me down today!

Friday, July 24, 2009


I sit here reading blogs from people about thier horses and it makes me miss shorty terribly. I wish i never would have had to get rid of him. he was doing so well. I had him in his training to the point where i could have put anyone on him and he was doing spectacular! walk trot canter spin slide, everything. but i could keep him. it wouldnt have been fair to him.

now he is gone forever. I can never see him again. i can never smell his smell or kiss his face, (he loved kisses)

i feel as though ive failed.

i know that the year that i had him was the best year of his life. But it still hurts to think that it was the only good year of his life.

How can people put horses through what he had gone through?

is very dissapointing really.

he was covered in lice and underweight when i got him and i made him spectacular.

again now he is gone.

RIP buddy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

j*sus H mother EFFIN ChR!st

I am havin a week from hell. Actually if you want to get really strait down to the point its been the year from hell. I have had nothing but bad things happen to me. I had to give my horse away who promptly turned around and colicked and died. FU*KING SUPERB. my boyfriend and i do nothing but fight because he WONT GROW THE FUCK UP. i got laid off. wich seriously is the worst thing this year. I have no freedome no money and i cant get a job anywhere. it blows really.

Normally i am a severely happy person. but ever since i quit drinking I SUCK. im no fun i hate my life and i want to move far far away.

I gave my boyfriend one week to fix his shit or i am gone. no joke. im sooooooo tired of being the only one who cleans the house does the laundry feeds the kid does the dishes.... really the only person who does anything. Now i know what my parents were going when i was a teenager.

I hate my life. i want beer i want to go fishing. i want a solid weekend away from everything.

who wants to take me?