Monday, June 29, 2009


MONDAYS. uuuugh. so im getting over what I thought was Pneumonia. now I have a head cold aaaaaaaahahahahhaha.

my child is sick with me today.. he will survive however this is how cute he is now....

Quite the little ham!! cant tell he is related to me or his father at all!!

this will be my first 4th of july as a mother. weird because i never thought i would ever raise a child. i never really wanted to. I wanted horses and dogs... not screaming babies without horses... just wasnt in my game plan.

so im off to find food.. starving i am.....

peace out

Thursday, June 18, 2009

oobalee boobalee

East indians... hmmmmmm.... i dont think anyone can understand them. why when i buy an american item IE: router for computer: do i get a camel jocky on the phone to help me with my needs???? I CANT UNDERSTAND AN EFFING THING THEY SAY.

This is my conversation one hour ago:

camel jockey: tank yoo fore calling bla bla bla my name is bla bla bla. vat cun ey hulp you vith.

me: WHAT?

camel jockey: "same as above"

me: i dont understand i just want my router hooked up...

camel jockey: "says something else i can understand"

this goes on for 20 minutes while i am almost crying in frustration. I feel like slitting my throat and sucking down some rusty nails while im at it. I go through this for about ten more minutes because i think mobacataclaca nacodoodle just wants to hear my sweet charming voice when low and behold i realize not only is my computer hooked up the right way... im on the internet! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

my new pet peeve is homeless people with starving pets... BASTARDS..... why do you have an animal when you cant even afford to wipe your own ass??
girls night anyone??? soon i hope..
catch you on the flipside homeys

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bla bla bla

Today i am frustrated. I think ive reached the point of my sanity. This claiming unemployment thing is stupid and extremely frustrating. While i enjoy my time off, i wish it would be easier to do things, like if my car were registered i could drive it, but instead it sits in my garage with no tags and no battery.

on a less negative note my friend kacy had her baby 8 weeks early yesterday! i want to meet him but he is in the NICU. So i will go see him tomorrow..... just like mo mo he decided to jump the border early hahahahahahaha... just a funny joke between friends.

my son crawled to "crawls" yesterday! I AM SOOOO EXCITED! except that makes him one step closer to getting into everything.

one thing i would like to bitch about is the fact i was offered a horse. I cant take care of him right now but he is awesome. gerrrrrrrrrrrr not ment to be but i wish it would have happend a while ago.

in the mean time i hope that this week goes smoother than last week does....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hmmmmmm wednesday

I havnt blogged in a long time. Lots has happened....

lets see.... first my spawn of satan was born on december 10th, 2008... and he is nothing short of the happiest little shit ever.... Mr beau daniel wilkinson....
second my stud horse shorty passed away two weeks ago due to complications from colic....
and third i got laid off from my freakin job?!?! great huh? so for three brain scrambling days i have tried to be a stay at home mom.... IM JUST TOO RESTLESS FOR THIS SHIT!
any way.... i have a potential interview tomorrow I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE....
we will see....
on the flip side im off to go find some grub.... maybe alise will come to this side of the mountain early?!?!
later guys