Sunday, May 1, 2011

oh for the love of spring!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!!!!! spring is here! lets see how long this beautiful weather sticks around.

I have oh so neglected you guys! Alot has happened! spence and i are getting married in 68 days... can you believe that??? sheesh! zita is well started under saddle and going very well concidering she can be a little jerk lol. she does all the finer things under saddle from walk to trot to a very gangly out of controle bumpy ride of a lope hahaha, but hey, she does it!

we picked up a new pony... literally a pony that is on her way to being bred this next week to the crankiest little frustrated miny stud ever.. but they are going to make the sweetest little baby!!

tomorrow i get to put up hotwire to get the pony sectioned so she can graze! she will be happy, and I get to ride my darling zita... ok so maybe im going to work on trailer loading and see what happens... hopefully she will go in my trailer so i dont have to sell it once it is paid off.. ugh .. anywho... back to the daily grind! i will keep everyone posted!