Monday, August 24, 2009


Im back!!!!!!!

did i mention that i am in love with every last person in the schmunk family? THEY SAVED MY LIFE!!!!

the durango we bought today apparently decided that after i bought it the breaks in the front would fall apart!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! it seriously is my luck really!

its pretty its green and its a v8 that can pull horses.

now it has brand new shiny front breaks

brandon you rock!! and i love your mommy!

on the flip side i took princess diamond on her first trail ride ever, she did spectacular!!!!!!! i even got her into the water up to her belly! thats rockin in my opinon!!

and for a last note... brandon... my child does cry... i put him down for a nap and he has been crying for an hour now.... cranky cranky

and im off to eat hangabur helper!!

peace out homeys

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KD said...

i already read this one damn it