Friday, March 5, 2010

alfa lalfa lalfa

ok. Those of you who dont know, I gave ruby to a trainer in eugene. she became to dangerous for me and i was worried about my son getting in her way and her biting his face off or ramming him into a wall wich would be grounds for me shooting her in the head.
i picked up a new horse... she is wonderful! alot sweeter, just as high strung but had a way better start to her and i can put her in her place and i dont feel bad about it.
her name is smash n chocolatte aka vixen. she is a cute 15.3 hands tall probably close to 1200 lbs when full weight and cute as a button!!
pictures to come

HOWEVER she aparently had an abscess that blew out tuesday night when i worked her.... ouchy is all i have to say, because it blew out half of the sole of her right forehoof... ouch ouch ouch... no wonder she was a butt on the ground... she is hurting!
so I will keep you all posted!
keep it sleezy!