Friday, September 18, 2009


Today is friday. I have come to the conculusion that i would love to team pen with eb and kati this winter... if only i could find pennings on the weekends, that would be sweet!!

diamond needs to... then ruby definately!

finiances are extremely tight right now.... literally no money left over for anything at all... not even enough to breath really... its my fault though for missing work to be with beau...

it will get better soon!

on the flip side, ruby will be here next week!

training wise, I was told to try something with the mare that refused to collect. To lay a rope tied from one ring on the saddle across her hocks tied to the other ring on the saddle... for some darn reason it pushed her right into collection! it was a miracle!!

who would have thought something so simple would do the trick??

this is a pick of my first horse.... after my parents sold him on me....

laceys little dude

to this day i cant figure out how i trained him so well, anyone can ride him and he is quite the pocket horse.... just one of my many great achievements really!

Here is my horse skip n driftwood: NOTE i sold him for 800 dollars did all the work on him and the person in california who owns him is claiming all of his training....
BIOTCH.... (i kept it kosher for the pg readers)
and finally here is disco.... in his younger days

anywho... its friday.. im going to the ducks game tomorrow...

cleaning my garage on sunday.... then preparing for my filly to be here next friday or saturday!!

you all have a great weekend.... and i am off to deliver my child to his grandmas house for some grandma time!

peace out homies!!



KD said...

haha- i love the pepper picture. Team Penning is on Saturdays! Take in your popcans cause we are going. Eb just got a new trailer!!

shortstack said...

she has never been around cows... this could be fun