Monday, August 24, 2009


Im back!!!!!!!

did i mention that i am in love with every last person in the schmunk family? THEY SAVED MY LIFE!!!!

the durango we bought today apparently decided that after i bought it the breaks in the front would fall apart!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! it seriously is my luck really!

its pretty its green and its a v8 that can pull horses.

now it has brand new shiny front breaks

brandon you rock!! and i love your mommy!

on the flip side i took princess diamond on her first trail ride ever, she did spectacular!!!!!!! i even got her into the water up to her belly! thats rockin in my opinon!!

and for a last note... brandon... my child does cry... i put him down for a nap and he has been crying for an hour now.... cranky cranky

and im off to eat hangabur helper!!

peace out homeys

Thursday, August 6, 2009

ignition modules and peach pie

so my truck broke down. i simply replaced the coil and cap and rotor, nothing. so now im supposed to replace the ignition module... in the distributor itself... goodtimes... this doesnt work im giving it back and buying something else.

the mare is sooooo doing great! she moves off of leg pressure magnificently, she is almost neck reining, she is definately bakcing up, she stops with a "whoa"

she is wonderful! her mom will be very happy to have her back.

not just that but i put her owner on her and she did wonderful!
she is afraid of horses, but that is a whole other blog...


at the rate im going ruby will be here next month! IM SOOOOO EXCITED!!
but she had the shit beat out of her with the last trainer so it will be awesome to fix... ugh..

peace out homeys

Monday, August 3, 2009

burrr i mean beer

aaaaaaaaaahahahaha so i stoped by kati's house yesterday... randomly, i didnt even know if she was home, but hey, i was there so i did. I realized how much i missed hanging out with her sarcastic ass! haha

then we got some icecream, then we went to brandons house... we looked at pictures... i listened to brandons way out there sense of humor! haha funny shit and he kept trying to give me dead lillies! hmmmmmmmmm dead flowers silly


so my new horse in training is here... i shall start her and see what she knows, i think she will be really easy to work with.

the only other exciting thing ive done today is nothing so im out of here... i will post after i train