Friday, September 25, 2009

bravo neck you win

So i have been fighting extreme neck pain since monday. I have taken or attempted to take everything i possibly could have. every over the counter medication, every hot pack, cold pack, pain patch. NOTHING WORKS AT ALL!!!
did i mention i have only slept maybe 5 hours since monday???????????? no joke ive been surfing the net most of the nights since then or watching tv.... i may be going insane!

im frustrated. I cant ride because it hurts, when i do i want to cry. Every tiny movement kills me. I cant lift, i cant pull. Im worried about a bulged disc. That is the last thing i need to deal with right now.
I will have ruby to train, and diamond to finish and whatever else comes my way from work.
i just can deal with this right now.
so i will go to the docs before work. i will have them look at me, and if i can i will go to work.
hopefully they tell me whats wrong so that I am not in pain any longer!

ruby will be here in a couple of hours and in my hands will be her registration papers! my horse, again finally. After the loss of shorty i didnt want another horse, but i cant stay away from them. Im not me without them.

ALISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she will be here and as long as my neck holds out i will get to hang out with her and kati!!

happy friday all......

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