Wednesday, July 22, 2009

j*sus H mother EFFIN ChR!st

I am havin a week from hell. Actually if you want to get really strait down to the point its been the year from hell. I have had nothing but bad things happen to me. I had to give my horse away who promptly turned around and colicked and died. FU*KING SUPERB. my boyfriend and i do nothing but fight because he WONT GROW THE FUCK UP. i got laid off. wich seriously is the worst thing this year. I have no freedome no money and i cant get a job anywhere. it blows really.

Normally i am a severely happy person. but ever since i quit drinking I SUCK. im no fun i hate my life and i want to move far far away.

I gave my boyfriend one week to fix his shit or i am gone. no joke. im sooooooo tired of being the only one who cleans the house does the laundry feeds the kid does the dishes.... really the only person who does anything. Now i know what my parents were going when i was a teenager.

I hate my life. i want beer i want to go fishing. i want a solid weekend away from everything.

who wants to take me?

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Bug said...

Dude! If I lived there I would be in this! I miss you tons! I heart you Lacy!