Friday, July 24, 2009


I sit here reading blogs from people about thier horses and it makes me miss shorty terribly. I wish i never would have had to get rid of him. he was doing so well. I had him in his training to the point where i could have put anyone on him and he was doing spectacular! walk trot canter spin slide, everything. but i could keep him. it wouldnt have been fair to him.

now he is gone forever. I can never see him again. i can never smell his smell or kiss his face, (he loved kisses)

i feel as though ive failed.

i know that the year that i had him was the best year of his life. But it still hurts to think that it was the only good year of his life.

How can people put horses through what he had gone through?

is very dissapointing really.

he was covered in lice and underweight when i got him and i made him spectacular.

again now he is gone.

RIP buddy

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