Friday, September 11, 2009

my paycheck is late!!

SO i was supposed to pick my check up a little after 11, but it never showed up. which means i will have no money until i can cash it!

shit balls!!

my board is due today, i know lynn will understand, but i planned my whole day around paying my bills and now i am sitting here on the computer with no board paid! hahahahah... that is truly my luck.

so a little about ruby...
her name is hush rubys drum, she is a three year old homizygous tobian filly.

she will be here on the 25th, and i am very very excited, but she is a very high maintenance filly!

because of an old farrier, she hates all farriers! she wants to eat them... and its almost understandable... except she cant do that!! darren would stop shoeing for me in that case!


i want to use her for reining and cutting... if she can slide that is.... we shall see.
either way i have my hands full!

my son is feeling better!

and im still on the hunt for the perfect saddle!

everyone have a great weekend!

the word of the day is wafting!!!!!!!


KD said...

my word of the day is fuck. wanna do some team penning this winter with me and eb?

shortstack said...

if its on a weekend or morning... i work nights
most definately on weekends!! call me shuga