Friday, October 9, 2009

chasing cows!!!!

so the team penning season starts again soon! and miss diamond has not been around cows. tonight i will ride her in the pasture around the reds and see what she is going to do. it could go one of two ways... into the cows, or me on the ground. Now because if certain things that have been going on health wise i would rather stay in the saddle. if i end up on the ground at least it is soft enough i would not get too hurt.

Her owner wants her to pen, thats the glory of it... so in training her i am teaching her a discipline... thus no longer making her a green horse... thats the glory!! she really is a neat horse. all be it... a not so smart one... but a nice all around horse. perfect for bonnie... at times she reminds me of Vanna white... thats what i cal her at the barn... vanna hahah... she turns into a rail horse when i work her and i can quite litterally run her into a wall... she just shuts down... she hates arena work... but is a great trail horse!

Ruby ruby ruby... she murdered the hitching post..... there were no signs posted that said... "DO NOT TIE HORSES TO POST... UNSTABLE....." and instead of trusting my instincts.. i saw the self proclaimed 17 year old horse training wonder, who by the way bruised a mare on the chest... how do you do that? i watched her tie her moms horse and her two year old to it and they were fine... but they were not my skitish little filly Ruby. she pulled back on the post and the whole top pole came flying at her like a 100 mile and hour fast ball... rediculous if you ask me, ONLY because it took me out at the shins.... i flew hahah, swept my legs right out from under me...
nothing serious... just quite comical... due to the fact ruby had the pole tied to her face and her ass planted against the hot wire.. which luckily isnt working very well in that spot... couldnt have been above a 2 because she only flinched when it touched her...
ruby thinks everything is going to eat her. the last trainer who had her must have went at her like a flying mass of yellow jackets... the whip is going to get her.. the cross ties... the brushes.. and last of all the farrier... that will be a fun one... her previous owner... who owns diamond says she is out to get all who proclaim themselves farriers... oops... i dont think darren will like getting his as bitten... we will see what i can do with her

i am feeling much better! my neck still bothers me... but the doc said it will take time to heal... dammit... the one thing i lack the the personal department is patience... when its about me it needs to happen now!!

im out of here like a bad hairdo... cheezy i know...
but its all i got!

peace out homeys!!

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