Friday, July 31, 2009

i love katis feets

this is my new horse..... click on the link or copy and paste it...

ok so kati feels as though i called her feet weird.. not really... i said her big toe looked different but it was because she broke it ( i think) so brandon did not comment back.... haha

instead he TATTLED on me! ive already introduced kati to a man who is in LOVE with her feet...

ray the foot fettish guy hahahahahahhahahahahahaha

oh uh hem... haha did i laugh out loud? sorry kati i still love you!

the horse pictured above by my title is named Bailey... she just so happens to have been the sweetest little mare i ever had the chance of knowing. Kati was told she would never to anything again. she either broke her shoulder or messed her back up, but due to some strange reason (the horse cant speak a lick of english) we will never really know what happened to her.

one day she was fine, the next day she was dragging her right foreleg! ouch!

im SUPER excited for kati to ride her again.. because the vet said she never would.. it would be a feet of superhuman abilities.... ok maybe not but it sure would rock....

so less than 24 hours until the mare in training is here then its count down to my filly being here!! pretty much back to back horses in training.... its great... i wouldnt have it any other way

on a cuter note: my son said i love you! haha concidering he is bearly 8 months old... and he yells and laughs to communicate (much like myself really) its amazing to see! i never thought I would enjoy being a mom! its been tough, but each milestone makes me smile.... to see this little person who grew inside of me?!?!?! it feels the best! and now i can feed him wierd foods to watch him make faces!

ok everyone... well i guess my two followers... happy friday!


KD said...

lacy i love you - i'm thinking about adopting you

i miss ray

Bug said...

Lacy! I am so sorry I didnt worn you about The Brando and Kiki! They gang up on you! Watch Out!