Thursday, August 6, 2009

ignition modules and peach pie

so my truck broke down. i simply replaced the coil and cap and rotor, nothing. so now im supposed to replace the ignition module... in the distributor itself... goodtimes... this doesnt work im giving it back and buying something else.

the mare is sooooo doing great! she moves off of leg pressure magnificently, she is almost neck reining, she is definately bakcing up, she stops with a "whoa"

she is wonderful! her mom will be very happy to have her back.

not just that but i put her owner on her and she did wonderful!
she is afraid of horses, but that is a whole other blog...


at the rate im going ruby will be here next month! IM SOOOOO EXCITED!!
but she had the shit beat out of her with the last trainer so it will be awesome to fix... ugh..

peace out homeys

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KD said...

RUBY IS A BAD WORD at my house lacy - so i hope your ruby is different. See ya tomorrow morning bright and early and barfin.