Monday, June 7, 2010

sunshine lollypops and rainbows

well hello everyone! Long time not talk! Alot has been happening in my life... all the way from getting spencer a doby puppy, to actually getting a sliding stop on vixen, its all coming together.
Every day is a challenge when it comes to my horses. Chief is a great gelding, he is willing, but still reserved. He is learning fast. Spencer and him get along great! He loves my mare, and she loves him! He moves off of leg pressure for the most part... still a little sluggish in that respect, but hey at least he tries.

Vixen Vixen vixen, where to begin. So the damn mare knows alot more than she wants to tell me. She spins, she slides, she has an excellent collected canter (when she wishes to paricipate), and her jog is to die for. I just wish I could get her head down without training aids! slow and steady, gerrrr getting impatient here. I have big plans for her, one way or the other i will get her where i want her or i will trade her for something i do want. She is coming around though, finally trusting people, WOW was that a hard road to run down!

We will be moving to pleasant hill in about 3 weeks, give or take a week. The fences suck and there are soooo many black berries its rediculous!

alright, i need to get off of here, I will start posting every day!

peace out homies