Thursday, April 15, 2010


so i woke up today feeling ok! for once i have everything kinda going in the direction i want to all to go. I am in school full time, i have a wonderful baby to take care of and i have a full time job. my horses are fantastic... they will be so happy to move to the new place where they dont have to stand in their stalls all the time! ive been riding both of them fairly regularly except for the last week because ive been pretty darn sick.
Chief is going to make a fantastic mounted cowboy shooting horse and vixen is proving herself to be fast as piss in terms of her take off. i seriously thinks she wants to do gaming...
eh oh well!
kati, when you read this, it is ok to fart around anyone! its a natural bodily function, the only thing you will get from controling them is painful gas... let it all out! i dont think chad will mind...
oh yeah tomorrow is my birthday, so we are going out tonight for some reason! oh well!
spencer and i will have a good time friday night.
peace out!