Wednesday, July 29, 2009

color color color!!

this week is a good week... im off to hopefully my last and final job interview with alberta kerr... man i could use the money.

we will be moving around the 15th and that is rockin! a three bedroom house with my friend felicia and her husband cole their dog and cat.

im taking on a new horse in training... a 7 year old palomino paint named intentionally foxy.. she is a neat horse, and in exchange i am being given her 3 year old daughter hush rubys drum.. a try colored homizygous paint!

i have cramps because of a bladder infection... that blows... but hey it could be worse!

nothing can bring me down today!


KD said...

WHY THE HELL DID I NOT KNOW YOU HAD A BLOG! I'M SO MAD! now i feel like a dick for never commenting on yours but i so didn't even know you had one! don't judge me k - i'll be better from now on.

KD said...

p.s. i have to say this - i really don't like kids, nothing personal, i think they are gross and slimy and weird but for some reason everytime i see a picture of yours i think oh my gosh, how freaking cute. So congratulations - i guess - you have the only small person in the world that i like.