Wednesday, January 13, 2010

money money money

I hate money. I hate everything about it. I hate moving, i hate not having my dog live with me i had not having a my durango operating properly.

I hate Barn managers that act like druggies and beat my horse with whips.
thats right, they hit my horse in the face with a whip every time she pins her ears at them... thus making her even more angry than before.. it really is a no win situation concidering i have made all this progress with her just to have them fuck up and hurt her setting me back a long ways....
so now i have to move both mares and my gelding.... this is always a good time

on the bright side my son is officially walking today!!

spencer come home and bring me my keys so the guy can come fix my durango!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

oh ruby dont take your love to town!

So miss fatty pants had her first set of front shoes put on! and only tried to kick Darren's face off once.... in which shortly (within seconds) there after i commenced to verbally assaulting her worse than her poor horsey heart had ever been asaulted! seriously... i need my farrier!
needless to say... she will never do that again... and it took less than an hour to get them put on!!!
Even if everyone at the barn thinks she is going to kill them... i know better! she just doesnt want to share her stall!
she is doing really well.. just very slow going!
i will post pics soon!!