Friday, August 1, 2008


Well this happens to be my first blog. a couple of my friends have a blog on here so I thought i would jump on the band wagon myself.

I mean what the hell... I do have a one eyed one testicled wonder stallion.... what possibly could I have to NOT talk about??

I will introduce myself and my wonderful boy..... Pending registration name Whole lotta olena, aka shorty, (katies husband refers to him affectionately as the short stack)

hes a whole whopping 13.3 hands if he is lucky at about 900 lbs... according to a tape... give or take a few lbs. He is a three year old foundation bred quarter horse stud colt with the coolest personality ever! he had a slight run in with a T post when he was a yearling so alas he lost his right eye....

but I still ride him everywhere and it only affects him sometimes... nothing major.
I am lacy. I am a pain in everyones ass.. I am one hell of a crazy redneck... and my animals have a tendancy to take after me....
thats just the nutshell.... in the mean time I must go clean my stall and brush my pony....

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